Thursday, 28 March 2013

Killing Giant Jacks

Yep, okay, you got me. I thought it odd that this was already out there for grabbing, and it turns out there is a reason for it... it's the Asylum version! Doh! Still, I said previously that they have been getting better, so this is a chance to see if that's true or not.

Plot wise, this is worse than a mess. Jack is a whiney 18 year old that gets some magic beans from his dad, and ends up in the land in the clouds where his dad is (fortunately one day up there is one year down here... although that doesn't hold when Jack is up here and they start popping from clouds to earth). And there are no giants. Because Newald killed them. So that title is wrong on at least two counts, and Newald the Giant Killer just sounds really stupid. Oh, and this is all taking place in England by the way. But there's a previous human, Serena, who gets the giant dinosaurs to come down from the clouds to earth and take it over. Fortunately, Newald knows what Ben Franklin did, and Jack has his own power mecha suit. Seriously, he built his own mecha suit. Yeah...

So yes, that gets this movie thrown out. I'm not sure it's entirely as bad as the 1.6 rating on IMDB, but it's not good. The CGI... is still obviously CGI. The creatures are looking a little shiny and plastic, and the interaction with real actors doesn't quite work... but it's not terrible over all.

Still, at least this stars some... actors... who are playing roles... and they speak words... yeah... there's that.

Terrible movie. Very much down to Asylum's usual standards... for all that entails.


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