Friday, 15 March 2013

Will you open... The Last Door ?

Like horror games? Sure, we all have! How about point and click adventures? You can't stop them! So why not combine both?

And now we can, with... The Last Door. It is, if you haven't guessed, a point and click horror game.

How does that work? Point and click is generally slow and a click-fest, and waits for you to find the right pixel. Horror relies on a building sense of dread and surprise from an enemy you have no control over.

Two things help here. One is sound. An excellent music track and atmosphere really add to the game. The other is you have to go through doorways, which gives an excellent place to have... well, they aren't cat scares (except when they are), but certainly you won't see it coming.

(I was one of the beta testers... and hey, that's my name in the credits!... and they've added more touches into the game that just makes it that much better.)

Oh, and it's free. Did I mention it was free? It is entirely free and you can play the pilot chapter right now.

And then maybe give some money to get Chapter 2 happening? (And get that sweet, sweet soundtrack.)

I've been through all the doors I found except... I haven't been through The Last Door. (I don't actually know if it is the last door, but it's the door I didn't go through.)


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