Wednesday, 24 April 2013


After sitting on our asses on Charis, we... go out into space and sit on our asses. And wait for the Far Star to turn up. As soon as it did, we get aboard then take off as it has drawn unwanted Imperial attention.

In the Far Star, we [now us wider we] head for Gandle-Ott, as that is where we last knew Sarne to be. Checking the recent news upload, we see that Sarne gathered a fleet there, then planned to go searching for pirates. Oh dear. Planning, we get the course ready for Mairne, and then we arrive at G-O... and find no ships. They just left...

What remains of the administration is very welcome to see us come down (yeah, we kinda made it seem like we were Imperials). Although there was a little bit of confusion with thinking we are pirates (and Loffryn got shot at). After we get that sorted out, we are treated like royalty. Well, those few of us who are going off ship.

We've got a huge day of events before us. And by day, I mean several days. Still, we are setting a ceremony for Loffryn getting a medal in honour of the work he did in taking back the ship (which he doesn't want), so have until then to lay the idea that the Republic might not be too bad to have in charge...


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John Wilson said...

"sitting on our asses on Charis, we... go out into space and sit on our asses" :)

cool post)

author respect:)