Thursday, 25 April 2013

DW: Dalek Generation

No matter what you do, you can't keep them murdering genetically engineered balls of hate down. I'm talkin' about my Dalek Generation, by Nicholas Briggs.

Briggs has already done his own thing with the Daleks for three (at least) audio seasons by now, so it's no surprise that this isn't just another Dalek Invasion story... unfortunately. The Dalek Federation is nice, and set up the Sunshine Worlds for everyone to live on. Aaww, aren't they nice? Except the Doctor comes across them (using the tired plot device of 'message from the future') just after they attacked a ship, leading to the death of two adults and thus leaving... three kids! Yes, another book featuring children! Because it's a book for children! Seriously, WTF? Despite it nominally being a series for children, how many actual episodes of the show featured kids? Count them! Go on! Sod all! (Okay, far higher in the new series.) And how many of Briggs' own audios (expanding over Audio/Visuals and Big Finish stories by all writers) feature kids? Sod all! So why does he all of a sudden feel the need to throw in three of them, just because he's now in prose form???

Anyway, it's a run around story with no-one believing the Daleks are evil, and of course the Daleks are evil, and there's a huge super weapon capable of destroying everything, and is it a Bernice Summerfield story all of a sudden?

It is all rather surface with no real substance, and everyone is shallow, and I can't now remember anything of note that happened in the story...

There's your recommendation. I only just finished it, and most of it has already gone from my memory. Enjoy.


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