Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Death Note

I don't read as much manga as I would like to. There are some great stories told in that medium, but the main problem is that they are long, and spread out over many volumes. So either be patient about collecting them, or get a whole set at once. Which is expensive. But there was one story recently that intrigued me, and so I picked up the entire set. (That is an affiliate free link to Amazon. I don't do affiliate links.)

"If a human's name is written in the Death Note, that human will die."

The story is of Light Yagami, who finds a Death Note, and decides to make the word a better place by getting rid of all the criminals. Against him is L, the best detective in the world. Oh, and they are both teenagers. And so is the battle on between Light and L as L closes in on him. And then... it is actually an interesting story. Light is picking on criminals, so we are less against him than we might be with other victims (and most happen off screen), so while Light is a murderer, on some level you want to see if he can get away with it.

And then there's Misa, and Near and Mello... and the Shinigami of course. A huge cast of characters that make the story spin out over 108 chapters / 12 volumes. And in the set I got, there's also the 'behind the scenes' book volume 13.

Because this is manga, there are other stories spinning off from this as well. More L, more Shinigami, more Death Notes... However, I'm going to say no. As it is, I have this big 13 volume set, and no idea where to store it. I doubt I'll read it again, so now it's just taking up space. I'm glad I got it, glad I read it, but... Trade Me maybe?

Anyway, decent story, check it out. And if you want to buy mine, let me know...


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