Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's a Unico!

A while ago, I kickstartered a manga translation, and the first item they intended to produce is... Unico! 400 pages, full colour... ooooooh.... And it is indeed a nice wee (well, rather large and slab like) book. There is anime/movies, but this brings out the manga in English.

Unico is... surprise surprise, a unicorn! And if someone loves him, he can do amazing magical things for them. Except the queen Venus is jealous of the woman he is currently a pet to, so the wind Zephyrus takes him to strange far away locations where his memory is gone. But at each location he finds someone to help, be it woman, boy, cat, or other.

As they say on the kickstarter: Think Quantum Leap meets classic Disney, with a dose of Tezuka's unique, humane spiritual sensibility.

Some of those stories are quite unusual. A place where a computer controlled factory loves a little girl? Both wonderfully strange and creepy, but Osamu Tezuka makes it work.

The pages are interestingly illustrated to, in that the panels take up most of the page, but the images continue out to the edge of the pages (you can see examples on that site).

(And if you are interested, it is available for sale soon.)


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