Monday, 8 April 2013

DW EP 7.2.2

For some reason I keep thinking of this title as The Rite of AshkEnte. And I may accidentally keep mistake Steven Moffat as the writer too, for some odd reason...

It's hard to see what this episode is trying to do. Half of the episode is gone before we even get to the singing and then the danger, and the actual sun god is only about ten minutes. Clearly, that's all secondary. There's a lot made of the power of stories, and memories and songs... and then the classic defeat by too much power. But... every thing has infinite things it doesn't do. Even the Doctor does. So why the leaf so much? What? What the hells is going on with this episode?

(BTW, is it just me, or is that entire system now without a sun... um... could be an issue...)

And are we going to do the drop off/pick up for every episode? Just like in the first half of season seven? Not just this episode, but what the hell is up with this season? Is everything still going to tie into the fields of whosiwhatsit? And the Silence? Are they going to team up with the Great Intelligence? Or is the GI this part season's thing, and the Silence the big set up for the anniversary story? Not clear at all.

Back to this episode, tell me. Did anyone else get reminded of: The Beast Below, Gridlock, The Satan Pit? It came along as a steal of plot elements of all those. Only... lazily done, because of the intention of the episode, which I'm not sure about, overriding the need for a cohesive story.

I'm sure someone got this completely, and so I will eventually re-watch this episode with that new understanding and totally get it then. Until then... it's a mess.

Next time: Oh yes, a historical. Yep. Tick that off.


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