Sunday, 7 April 2013

Following the Followers

A big reason people watch any series if there is a big name involved. That's why I started watching House. And so I was dragged in by the Baconator himself, Kevin Bacon. The Following is a series that is about a serial killer, who is in jail, and his Following, who are not. Bacon is playing a decommissioned FBI agent who caught the killer the first time, and is dragged in when the killer gets free again. And when the killer is caught again, it's then about those people who he set up as his cult.

And so a lot of this series is about mind games. Why does the killer want to spin out some new thing with Bacon? What plans for him do the followers have? And, for the longevity of the series, who else will turn out to be a follower?

However there are other, less intended, questions. How do various followers managed to get into places and out again, killing as they go, then get suddenly undermined when they come face to face with Bacon? (There's probably a trope for that.) How many people will suddenly be revealed as working for the killer? Will there be more than a usual season of 24? So far, I'm only four episodes in, and yet I've come to the conclusion that every guest star will either be killed or be a killer, and about half the main 'good' cast will probably be unveiled as evil before the season ends. And why are the followers having more soap opera moments than the entire run of Dynasty?

Again we seem to have the problem of Ultimate Evil suddenly needing to get their legs cut off from underneath them in the last moment because Good needs to prevail, but I'll see. There are only 15 episodes, so it shouldn't be too stretched out, but I'm sure they can.

I'm watching for now, but I hear that there will come a lot of painfully contrived set ups to allow Bacon to not die every episode, so I may yet crash and burn the series.


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