Monday, 22 April 2013

DW Episode 7.2.4

What? How could they? This is the most eggregious error in the history of the entire existence of the universe! It's Me-ta-BE-lis 3, not Me-TAB-e-lis 3! That's it, illusion shattered, complete disengagement from the show, I'm leaving it's all over...

Now there have been a few episodes where the name of the episode isn't immediately obvious as relating to the episode itself. There certainly wasn't a lot of hiding in this episode. Unless you count the monster. In which case it should have hid more, because as soon as we had that final close up image of it... I started laughing. Yeah, that's the effect they were going for, clearly.

But my overall impression of this episode is... brown. Overall a very dull palette for this story. It is supposedly in 1974, but they dress like it's 1947. The main interior rooms are brown, the forest is a dull blue, and outside is generally just dark nothing. The red of Clara's umbrella is very noticeable against all this. And the TARDIS interior is the only thing that looks interesting.

Oh, and then there's the story. A ghost that turns out to be a descendant of the main couple trapped in a pocket universe... is there any point when Steven Moffat went 'Hey, Neil, perhaps just take out one or two elements there, make it cleaner'? Because if he didn't (and from what I've heard he doesn't actually do a lot of editing, even through that's his job), he definitely dropped the ball. Neil Cross wanted the arching theme of 'love lasts forever', but made it far too obtuse to be shown, so has to resort to telling. I hear that's a bad thing.

This comes off as a not very good filler episode (and I happy want to ignore the whole 'What is Clara?' moment, because that's a terrible forced in point). In some ways, this half-season is feeling the same way.

Next time: A story set in the TARDIS? Or just one corridor set again?


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