Friday, 26 April 2013

The Second Connecticut Haunting

I don't think I saw the original, and now I want to pretend I didn't see the sequel. At least, I suppose it's a sequel, what with the 2 and everything, but if they referenced the first movie, I have no idea, and it certainly seems stand alone.

The plot is: I see dead people. And they are douches. Expanding on that: a family, and the aunt, go to a new house. All the women (including the girl) can see the veil, or beyond the veil, or some such nonsense, and basically see ghosts. And in the second half of the movie, the ghosts seem to be acting up and getting scary, but it looks like all they wanted was to show what happened to them, and then everything is fine... er what? So, no actual tension about anything then? Certainly no action, when the ghosts are defeated by the power of exposition. (I probably should say 'spoilers', but I wasn't really paying full attention, so can only pass on what I gleamed from glazed over eyes.)

Looking at the cast list, there is more people there than I remember (certainly more than I would think would credits as named characters). The big name being Katie Sackhoff, sporting red hair and a Southern accent. Otherwise... meh. Along with the production, meh. There was one actually neat / spooky scene, but it gets undercut (ha! - that will make sense if you ever see the movie - don't see the movie) by it not paying off as interesting in any way afterwards.

Not even a proper ghost story.


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