Friday, 5 April 2013

Too Quick Judgment?

How many people wrote off Fringe as a mere X-Files clone? Or gave up on Supernatural in the first season? Ooh, ooh, pick me! And yet... Fringe and Supernatural got really good (then Fringe crashed at the end). Anyway, the point is some series can have a very rocky beginning.

What then of judging a show based on just a descriptive line or two? Check out this guide to TV Pilots for 2013. How many of them would you pick just based on that?

To be honest, I write off most of the comedies straight away. So many of them are about 'comedian suddenly has to deal with a family situation... COMEDY!!!!!' Urgh. Those plots were overly worn out by the eighties, when I saw them then.

And the dramas aren't much better, because they sound like they are too dramatic and no fun at all. Urgh, emo, not interested. (And more then a few are simply US versions of UK shows.)

And yet there are a few I want to know more about. The Tomorrow People (yes, based on the UK show, at least they hopefully pick the right one to rip off). Sleepy Hollow (which isn't original either). The Blacklist (which hopefully isn't an 'edgy' White Collar). The Sixth Gun (based on the comic, which I haven't read). ... Hmm, I thought there was more than that, but just skimming through now, I can't see them.

Point is, I'm disregarding most of them already. Too quick? Give them a chance? To be honest, I just don't have the time. Let me know if I've missed something truly amazing on the list.



Anonymous said...

What the feck does "funcomfortable" mean?

Jamas Enright said...

While it is supposed to be a mix of fun+comfortable, I'm going for 'f***ing uncomforable'...