Saturday, 6 April 2013

Monty on the Music

I was listening to the latest Digital Gonzo where they had video game music, and for some reason, while they were playing Plants vs Zombies, I was reminded of...

Monty on the Run!

This was a game I played many years ago on the Amstrad CPC 464. (Oooooo.) With a green screen monitor, so all those lovely colours I missed. A game that was part of a series (not that I knew this then), and in this game you are Monty, on the Run! So run through various levels to escape. The main gimmick was that when you start, you select five items to help in your escape kit... and while I was good at the game, I worked out two of the items, but no idea what the others were, and thus always got stuck at one point... which was the ending! Gah! Just watched the playthrough, and I completed the game, except I never had the right items to get to the final screen! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!

The most annoying part of it: the damn teleporters! The first time, teleport, fine, you need to go there, but then you need to get through without teleporting, and timing got so annoying! Gah! They were colour dependent, and having what was basically a black and white screen made that impossible.

Anyway, here is the rather catchy theme. And a gameplay video (although I'm sure I took far longer than 12 minutes).

(How about them enemy designs, eh? Or the amazing 'you can travel as long as you are touching something' ability?)


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