Friday, 19 April 2013

Your Little Pony

[Yes, I know I just posted about a magical unicorn...] I blame Digital Gonzo for having a podcast discussing this. So I speaking out some episodes, and knowing the internet I knew somewhere would be a Season 1 compila- Bing!

It's... adequate. There are a couple of decent moments, but with over nine hours, that's inevitable (note: I watched this at double speed, so only nearly five hours of time). But even though I watched all of it... I'm not a Brony. It's a good cartoon... but it's nothing to write to Princess Celestia about (ha! See what I did there?). And every episode has a message... but I don't think I got what I was supposed to out of it.

Presenting... my takes on the teachings of each episode of Season 1!

Ep 1/2: If you get new friends, hopefully they will fit archetypes of an ancient prophecy.
Ep 3: If you get something special, never let anyone else find out.
Ep 4: If you screw up, as long as people don’t talk, you’ll still be asked to help more.
Ep 5: The best prank is the one you don’t play.
Ep 6: If you are going to boast about something, make sure it’s something unique that will never happen again.
Ep 7: When scared, a good source of inspiration is the near death of all your friends.
Ep 8: There is no situation that friends can’t make worse.
Ep 9: Always send the youngest in first.
Ep 10: Beware Tribbles!
Ep 11: Cleaning is easy if you just sing a song.
Ep 12: Being unique is the only important thing in life.
Ep 13: No-one cares if you cheat if you come in last.
Ep 14: Get less fussy friends.
Ep 15: Beware of ponies carrying things in the sky.
Ep 16: There’s always someone prettier to get attention.
Ep 17: Kids get away with the darnest things.
Ep 18: Trying and accidentally succeeding at something is better than trying and failing at what you want to do.
Ep 19: Whining and complaining are the best ways to get a job done.
Ep 20: Models just can’t do anything wrong.
Ep 21: Singing is the cause of war and devastation.
Ep 22: Phoenixes are dicks.
Ep 23: Everyone will talk about themselves at the drop of a hat.
Ep 24: There is no chore that can’t be ignored by sleeping.
Ep 25: Never throw a party for a manic depressive.
Ep 26: Never have hopes and dreams when attending a party.

(And yes, I have season two to watch as well.)


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