Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Place at the Table

Poor people have poor food nutrition, because they are poor. But how can they even get a leg up when, politically speaking, they can't even get A Place at the Table?

We get quite a few stories of mothers, and some fathers, who can't feed their kids properly. Because they can't get decent jobs. And often if they have a job, then guess what, you can't get public assistance (at one point because the mother was $2 over the limit). And even with assistance, there's still the matter of trying to get a proper food allocation while on that budget. The cheapest and bulkiest option, usually the processed good option, being the one they have to go for.

And what does government do? Get out of the way to let charities work. And if they do help... well, they can't be giving any budget to that because that will mean less budget for the big corporations who have lobby partners giving out monies.

America has already reached a tipping point where the next generation of kids won't be able to properly engage with the workforce, but hey, as long as corporations have money, what do they care? It's not like poor people can give them any money, is it?

This is another movie with a 'what next' not answered, because the answers that are tried aren't being taken up.


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