Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Day... is it only day three of this? Wow. Anyways, we meet with the Bank... that is the leadership of the planet, and say 'hey, we're New Republic'. They're mostly on board with this. Sweet sailing, no problems. Oh, a garbage truck tried to crash us, but I'm sure that's nothing.

Although it's nothing, while some of us are hob-nobbing, others go off to find the truck. It says it didn't crash into us. Oh, a 'he said, she said' situation. Except it totally did, and the not at all suspicious computer runs everything. It continues to be nice and pleasant (another traffic accident not withstanding), and we casually set up a meeting with Cuthbert, the computer, for the next day.

Day 4 and we start with getting information on hyperspace coordinates. Or rather, being told there is information, it's in the computer, and they'll just get their computer to talk to our ship and - nope, not happening. We go have a chat with the computer, and it's very nice and "I have no record of that problem. It can only be attributable to human error." Right. Getting technicians to have a look, we find there's no limiters on its behaviour. And it's been told to stop us going anywhere... oh. Well, never mind, we put a stop to that.

With that sorted, we enjoy a nice play at a theatre, nothing has ever gone bad that way... and then the droid tries to kill us. Nearly takes most of us out with a missile, but we shoot back well. Although not without taking a lot of damage. (I get to do a little something myself... but only a little something.) A final shot and...

That's it. We're done with this planet. We have the complete star map of the area. We have a new location to head to... We're outta here!


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