Friday, 10 May 2013

Her Master's Voice

Those voices inside your head? This is how to get them out without getting called crazy. Be a ventriloquist! And this is a movie about one and her mentor, in Her Master's Voice.

Nina Conti is a ventriloquist... or maybe not. She's thinking about giving up when she hears of the death of her mentor, Ken Campbell. And she gets his puppets. For one last trip, she takes the puppets to a ventriloquist convention, and will donate one to Vent Haven Museum. But while there, she tries to find voices for the puppets, and fills them with her own inner thoughts...

And this is one of the most charming things about this movie. Nina uses the puppets to express her own doubts and even attack herself about what she is doing there. It's an interesting form of psychotherapy.

We also get a lot of ventriloquism. And they are good. She is very good.

This is a funny sad movie, and well worth the watching.


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