Saturday, 11 May 2013


As they say "don't do the crime if you can't do the time". Marc Dreier did the crime, and now he is facing doing the time. This is Unraveled, his story in the lead up to his sentencing.

Marc Dreier is under house arrest, and a very nice house it is too. While there, he talks about what he did. Basically "I thought it was something I could get away with". Yeah, for so long. One point with Madoff was that people ignored what he was doing. With Dreier, he wasn't suspected for a while, managed to come up with some explanations when checked, but eventually over reached himself. And certainly he didn't go as far as Madoff did either.

Dreier doesn't quite say 'it wasn't my fault', but he doesn't come across as incredibly sorry either. If it wasn't for wanting to see his children, he would quite likely have stayed out of the country. And he also insists on wanting to be in a low security jail and have no hard work to do while in prison. Yeah, he's really ready to face his penance.

An interesting look at a fraudster, but a shallow one.


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