Thursday, 16 May 2013


What better way to promote your brand by making people pay to go see something they can view for free? It's all a matter of Propaganda.

This film is all about propaganda, as used by the powerful to keep the majority in check. All this gets revealed by one person in North Korea, who smuggled this movie out to reveal to the world how propaganda works.

And this movie certainly goes on about it. It's long, and it's largely a tirade against propaganda. I'm sure the film maker wanted to make a point all about it, but... yeah. It just sets out to make its point again and time again. I can't even bother mentioning examples, because most of us, if we thought about it, would probably be able to come up with the methods ourselves. (Which we don't of course, that's part of the problem.)

But... and here's the catch. To quote from the link: "At the World Premiere at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, a hushed audience was shocked when it was revealed that the director was a Pakeha filmmaker from Christchurch wanting to make ”an antidote to the giant dose of bullshit we’re fed by PR”. There is one hitch in a real life twist with this clever thought out documentary, the Christchurch actor who played the scientist in the film is wanted for questioning by the South Korean authorities because they think he is a North Korean spy."

Yeah... this whole film is propaganda about propaganda... and just takes too long making its point.

But don't take my word for it. Watch it for yourself:


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