Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mr Cao Goes to Washington

He is but one man. And he is venturing somewhere. Behold the journey as Mr Cao Goes to Washington.

Well, it's not that impressive. Joseph Cao is the elected Republican representative for New Orleans, and we join him as he faces events in office... which is where this movie has some trouble. They have a fair few small events, making it hard to form an ongoing coherent narrative (which, okay, life doesn't provide, but this is a documentary, dammit, edited together). The first half is about how he does, or doesn't, support Obama's health care bill, being the only Republican not towing the party line on that... and then the second half is about him in the lead up to the election for his next term.

The summary certainly makes note of the fact he is the first Vietnamese American Republican to be elected to the US House of Representatives, and we see his home life with that flavour, most of the events are about how he is as a Republican first. While he says he can connect better with the African-American community, they see a conservative Republican, not the Democrat they want. And how he voted on the health care bill didn't impress either side.

Watching this... I'm wondering if it was another case of a film maker thinking they had something interesting, then tried to create a documentary from the footage he had. Not the best.

(You may or may not be able to watch it online.)


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