Tuesday, 14 May 2013


As a journalist, you expect to uncover some highly problematic stories. You don't expect to die because of them. Unless you are in Mexico. This is the experience of reporters at the paper Zeta, as detailed in Reportero.

The reporters there cover narcotics and drugs, and political crimes. Although the narcotic stories are the preferred ones. Preferred by the public that is. Less preferred by the criminals themselves. And so the criminals take revenge, and we get the point of this movie. Over the past decade or two, reporters have published stories in Zeta... and many of them have died because of it. This movie discusses the lives of those reporters, and how they were cut down. And how the current ones are in constant danger, but what can they do?

Because the government in corrupt. The murders weren't investigated. The acts they publish don't bring down the big names. And yet... they continue. They even get the paper published in California and shipped over to them because they can't get the paper from local, government controlled, sources.

They want to continue to report. But their eyes, and how ours, are open to what they have to face.


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