Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shadows of Liberty

Hey, guess what. Here's a secret... the media is controlled by corporations! I know, right! But have you really taken time to think about what that means? About how these create just Shadows of Liberty?

This movie alternates between presenting stories of media not covering media stories, instead they tend to ignore it and fire journalists. We've heard stories like that before, but these are big stories that would otherwise topple corporations and governments. But, hey, if those organisations can shake hands with the corporations who own the media, then that's good right? Isn't it?

And also we get a taste of history. How Freedom of the Press has become Freedom of Corporations. (One person said that it was now the 'United Corporations of America'... there's a doco title!)

Now, this is all bad and terrible, but what are we to do? The movie doesn't say. I think the creator is hoping this will inspire people to rise up and overthrow... something, but the people already tried, and as the movie showed, the big corporations and government don't care. The internet might change things... or the corporations might own that too (and they are close). We'll see... but probably not as most people will be watching the latest cereal ad while waiting to find out if Britney will really ever join up with Justin again...


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