Friday, 31 May 2013

Superban Unmound

DC Animation continues its practice of not caring about any live action movies with the latest in the Superman series. (Okay, it may or may not be a 'series', but it's hard to tell if it is continuing a story universe, rebooting the universe continuity each time, or some mash up whereby some elements continue but not in the same way.)

[Bad guy] sends out probes that alerts [hero] to his presence. [Hero] seeks out [bad guy] and has an initial entanglement. [Hero] doesn't win, but falls back to regroup. [Bad guy] turns up on [hero]'s turf and there's an epic battle until finally [hero] wins.

Yes, I did spoil this movie, per se, but really... how many movies did I just spoil with that? How many movies fit that model? Certainly this one does, but what saves it is what it does as an original take on this... which is nothing... so it's not saved at all.

Admittedly, it was over half-way through the movie before I realised this was entirely pointless, and nothing on screen was happening that mattered a damn. It was during one of the fights when I realised that... it was just [bad guy] and [hero] hitting each other, over and over and over and... this is Superman? He's Punchingman! He punches until he wins! Because... screw any sense that Superman uses his brains. Doomsday worked because Doomsday was all about no trick would work, Doomsday would just punch through it, so Superman had no choice but to punch in return. But Brainiac (yes, we have Brainiac, a character I've heard more about than read anything) is intelligent, can talk, could be reasoned or tricked or... no, wait, he can be punched, and that's it.

Meh. Nothing of interest. Move along...


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