Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ender's Book

There are many books I haven't read that sci-fi people consider essential. I'm not entirely sure if Ender's Game counts as one of those, but I consumed it anyway. And yes, because of the upcoming movie.

Er... why are people loving this? I assume that people do love this, and the number of people I've heard talk about it and that there is many books in this series isn't because it's rubbish. Although it isn't good. Just what the hell is going on in this? The 'climax' as such occurs around 80% into the book, and is only a climax in retrospect. And then the rest of the book is basically exposition.

And what's the point of the subplot with Demosthenes and Locke? I can see why there's no mention of that in the trailer. That could all easily be cut out. It might be more in later books, but... I have no interest in later books. If this is the meandering mess I have to deal with, I don't see why I should deal with it any more than I have.

This has achieved something... I won't be seeing the movie in the theatres. And it reinforces that 'popular' does not mean 'good'.

So, what other 'popular' books should I look at?


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