Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Documentary? Movie? A bit of both really. Certainly the trailer, I recall, suggested that it took a dark and edgy turn that could easily have been the opening to some kind of torture porn... however...

A guy forms a relationship with someone on the internet (there's your problem!), and he just so happens to be associated with two filmmakers who decided to document this... and that's probably where most of the suspicious arises. He just so happens... and Facebook pages can be faked... and then he goes out to meet her...

And then the movie reveals itself very much to be a documentary. We can already see where this is heading, and it goes there, and the movie just takes its time, just keeping a slow pace, and there you go. While this is no Talhotblond, yeah, I can see that this is a documentary (although the trailer still should be a set up for some bad (of course) killer movie).

Because it is documentary, the end message comes along with a large dollop of "Whelp, there you go." And there we are. No real surprises, no dramatic twists, just muddling along, much like most of real life. (Documentaries can be so disappointing sometimes in that they have to stick to real life.)

I'd heard some things about this, about how this inspired a tv reality show... pity about that.

Maybe a few years ago this was more surprising. Now... we kind of expect it. Which is rather sad commentary on society.


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