Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You've Been Trumped

I only heard the one-liner for this, but it sounded interesting. I think this was shown at a film fest a few years ago, but have only seen it now. It's all about Donald Trump's building of a golf course in Scotland. Right now, let me recount the movie. *Ahem* *slurps a drink*

TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, look at these wonderful locals. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, look at this wonderful scenery. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, look at this wonderful environment. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, look at how heavy handed the construction is being. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, the culture and heritage. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, the water is being diverted. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, the police are being heavy handed. TRUMP IS WRONG! Oh, the government is handing over people's land. TRUMP IS WRONG! Trump has nothing but positive things to say. TRUMP IS WRONG! They are doing whatever they want. TRUMP IS WRONG! The only opinions that matter are Trump's. TRUMP IS WRONG! Jobs aren't locals. TRUMP IS WRONG! Trump won't talk to the filmmakers. TRUMP IS WRONG!

This is not even slightly not one-sided. Everything Trump is doing is shown as a bad move by the residents. Now, I'm not saying this should have been a balanced piece, and that the views here aren't valid. But at least some more objective evaluation of what was going on would be nice. Aside from emotive calls, what more measured considerations could be made about Trump's plans? It would have some pros, it definitely has cons, but this is just unashamedly biased that I'm not responding to the message.

From what we are presented with, this golf course should never have happened. But, hey, Trump has money, so he wins! It's the American dream!

And it didn't help that whenever I saw Trump, I kept thinking of this skit.


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