Monday, 3 June 2013

Doctor Incoming!

Well, it's been announced.. Matt is departing! Which of course means... it's open season on who the next Doctor will be. (It doesn't seem like there's already successor, which they could have already arranged, so...) Bookmakers, start your ledgers!

Of course we are going to get the resurgence of "how about a woman?" and "how about a black actor?". Let's face it... we've only had white guys so far, so we're going to get another white guy. And the actors are young in this series (to withstand the rigours of filming and press events). Perhaps the next Doctor hasn't been born yet?

Yeah, okay. But we are going to get someone probably no-one has really heard of yet. So picks are going to be touch. But I'm going to through a name out there: he's had a bit of a career already. He's about to hit thirty. But he has played a range of characters, and has been rather off the wall. Okay, he's doing a series at the moment, and for a competitor... but those shows don't occupy the majority of weeks of the year, so he could still have time (assuming the series is still going on). He definitely would be a pick no-one would guess.

Ladies and gentle, my random pick is... Joseph Gilgun.



Jet Simian said...

Hey, interesting choice! I liked Rudy almost instantly in Misfits, and what a gift his character/s was, being able to show a bit of range (unlike most of the others)

I haven't picked an actor yet, but do feel rather uncomfortable in preferring we have a Caucasian dude again - and an older (i.e. over 40-ish) one at that. I know the character is flexible, but for all the calls for 'pushing the envelope' and being progressive, I can't help but wonder whether it would be more progressive to create a non-Caucasian or female lead for a show from scratch, rather than changing the outward appearance of the character and simultaneously being at pains to convince everyone inside and outside the series that NOTHING has changed. The current series as it is right now still struggles with gender politics and race with its supporting cast...

Jamas Enright said...

Well, yes, it is 'thunderingly racist'.

Jet Simian said...

Well whether it is or not, the dialogue is out there. Casting against the traditional type could get the BBC accused of lip service, casting along the lines of eleven or twelve previous Doctors could get them accused of not listening to 'academia' or 'the BBC', (according to some media). It's a Bad Wolf scenario, Jamas. A Bad Wolf Scenario!!

Jamas Enright said...

While I would ask if DW is the show to do this (as it is no longer the 'flagship' show for the BBC any more)... this more sounds like something I can continue to stretch out my Monday DW posts with, so look to next Monday for more thoughts about this!