Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cloudy At Last

I can see why this film has won awards for make up and stuff (at least, I assume it was). But... this movie was not for me. I've mentioned before that I have trouble interpreting beyond the surface, and I hope this movie is what lies beyond the surface ('cos the surface of it isn't that amazing).

There isn't much point recapping plot elements, because there are six different stories. Now, I can follow that well enough, and I can tell (mostly) who is playing who across the times, and I can see where the stories resonate elements with each other (partly because they make it obvious at times, partly because 'this is where the movie has this beat, now we work out what stories will portray that beat'). However...

What I'm not sure about is the why. Why do any of these stories matter? Why do they need to be told in this particular six story crossing narrative? Why, basically, should I care? I think I've heard that there is a whole 'surviving nature of the spirit of man', but then we already know man (and I heard 'man', not 'humanity') survives at least five of the stories, and the sixth one isn't putting the entire race in jeopardy or anything (not that any of the stories are), so if that's it, then I'm really not getting it. And if it's something else... then I'm still not getting it. [If it is the human sole recurs across time and meets up with recurring partners, then that concept can just fuck right off.]

I'm sure all of you got it when you saw this, but this is not a movie for me.


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