Friday, 21 June 2013


So I never talked about the first Hellboy film... because I saw that before I started this blog. I think that was the last film I saw at the old Hoyts theatre, with the cramped seats and a friend... and while I've seen movies with that friend again, I never want to go back to that theatre... and that was the big screen room!

Anyway, decent enough movie, I only knew the basics of Hellboy, but why I bring that up now is that I rewatched it. Because I've just finished reading a shedload of the Hellboy comics... and it makes so much more sense now! There are parts of the movie that just touched on what the comics explore, not to mention completely changing the nature of the relationship between Hellboy and Liz (okay, if that was in the comics, it wasn't in the ones I read). And, of course, the movie introduces the character of John Myers to have someone to stand in for the audience to explain everything to.

However, of course, the comic goes off in a completely different direction, with giving far more backstory to the trapped Dragon, and the point of Hellboy's arm (which worked in the movie... only because I didn't know the comics. Now the movie explanation comes across as very 'let's put in something basic because we don't have time in the movie'). The comics go on a weird journey that touches on many different mythologies, and isn't afraid to make changes to the 'real world'.

To be honest, the movie worked better when I didn't know the comics... Now, where did I put my copy of Golden Army?


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