Thursday, 20 June 2013

Six Fast Six Furious

About movie about cars? How original. And starring Vin Diesel no less. My, that is something I've never seen before...

This movie continues to pretend there's an ongoing plot, but basically there's Vin 'gravely voice' Diesel, then it's cars cars cars cars cars, with a bit more speaking in between to connect the car sequences. But, hey, it's what the audience wants (or, at least, what the audience is given), so nothing bad there, right? Well... most of the sequences are all right, but some occur at night, so we have dark cars at night, with lots of cutting between them, so I'm guessing it's exciting?

The movie has this odd imbalance where it tries to make the action sequences fun and exciting, but also have dark and serious plot moments. One gimmick of this movie (as revealed in the trailer, etc.) is that Letty is back... which we supposed to care about because she's been in other movies. And there is an explanation for why she acts the way she does... not a great one, but an explanation nonetheless. But aside from her, Paul, Vin and Dwayne, I'm taking the movie's word for it that the other characters are returning from previous movies, as I don't remember them.

Certainly a typical FF movie... and let's buckle in (sic) for the next one...


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