Saturday, 15 June 2013

It has begun!

Over the past few months, I've been taking a course on programming in Python. To be honest, it's been more remembering how to code rather than learn new things, but I have learnt more about interfacing and events and such.

Which has inspired me to make my own game! And get all the monies!

One thing I looked up was programming for mobile devices... and Python doesn't have a huge track record in this area. But there is one add on that gives everything so that I can deploy to Android and iOS: Kivy.

However, while Kivy is all open source and everything, how to do things in Kivy involves using things differently to standard Python. Just drawing involves some Python code, and Kv code... which is powerful, but can be impenetrable. Yes, there are examples, but they tend to the basic. And the documentation is either basic introduction, or not very detailed procedure specs. I'd like something in-between please.

Which has meant that for a week or more, I couldn't even get a blob on a screen to move. Yeah, I see lots of money in my future... but one post on the kivy groups later, and it's now moving! And, to be honest, with a moving blob that I can control, I've got a lot of the basic mechanics I want down. Now, I've got some more coding for interactions to work in, but then I'm done...

Aside from making it look not crap, having opening and menu screens. And playing sounds.

But I have started, so look out Angry Birds, I'm up next!


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