Friday, 14 June 2013

Head to the Bullet

Want a movie that is incredibly generic and just plods along with fists and guns and no thought? Got you covered!

Sly and friend are hit men, but they get double crossed and partner is killed. A cop looks into what happens, and teams up with Sly to get at the men behind it all... and you can guess where it goes from there, because it doesn't go anywhere innovative. People get killed, then they go somewhere else, and more people get killed. Sly is there punching and shooting people and being better than everyone else and... amidst all this action, nothing exciting actually happens.

More interesting is who else is in this movie. Jason Momoa is playing the main bag guy muscle, and he comes across as pretty bad ass. (Haven't seen his Conan yet.) I have a lot of time for Christian Slater, and although he isn't in this a lot, he has the best part in the movie. And there are women in this movie... but expect to see their tits, as they all get naked at some point or another, because that's the sort of movie this is.

It is a passable movie, and won't offend you... but neither is it going to enthral.


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