Wednesday, 26 June 2013

It's a Miracle of Sound

One of the features of The Escapist is Miracle of Sound, where the performer, Gav, does sounds based on video games, and sometimes movies. He started due to Half Life 2, and does some great songs, and the Escapist does the videos with footage from the games. He has three download albums, the first of which I got free during Desert Bus.

So let's highlight some songs. There's Mind of the Bat and Joker's Song, of course. He has does a fair few songs about Call of Duty and associated games, and isn't happy with Second Chance, and has some things to say about playing the Shooter Guy. And then there's Wheatley's Song.

And he can get very powerfully emotional too. If you ever played Walking Dead, you will not make it through The Best I Can. And stand for Normandy. Feel for Little Sister and Dream of the Sky.

So many songs, but I clearly need to have show off one here... and I'm going for one that's, while not necessarily the top of people's lists, does have one important quality: it will get into your head and make you remember it...


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