Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Little Brony

There was a season three, so of course there would be a third post. While there was no compiled season three video on YouTube (...yet?...), you can get the individual episodes. And I'll just remind you this was all started because of Gonzo Planet.

Anyway, on to the lessons!

Ep 1/2: Just because you are the one to take a test, doesn’t mean that you have to be the one to take the test.
Ep 3: Clones are too stupid.
Ep 4: Backstory is a bitch.
Ep 5: Lord Acton still has it.
Ep 6: Princesses of the Night hang out in your dreams.
Ep 7: Second best is never good enough.
Ep 8: Are you having fun yet? Better answer ‘yes’ or else!
Ep 9: Timber wolves (made of actual timber) are freaking cool!
Ep 10: Freddy wasn’t crazy. Eating paper is something being do do.
Ep 11: Crystals are a worse drug habit than cocaine.
Ep 12: Mistaken Identity is always hilarious. Always! HILARIOUS!
Ep 13: All you need to change your destiny is a visit to a tattoo parlour.

Ye gods... just realised there will be people out there who have tattoo’d their own cutie marks into their bodies... there are some things I won’t google for...


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