Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Reign of Winter

In the town of Haldane, I, Nanoc of the North, of the Nordstrom tribe, met with companions old and new. Hogan the dwarven cleric. Felgard the trickster bard. And Mage the... mage. While in town, we hear of a bodyguard who made his way here, previously travelling through this town with the Lady Argentea Malassene... who was taken. We also hear of strange creatures taking food and possible people...

In the morning, we talk to guard, to hear how the Lady was taken by the wintertouched fey. Bold they are, to be in these parts, and they have brought winter with them in the middle of summer. We stock up, to varying degrees of success, and set out.

To the south, we find two carriages, dead people and dead horses... and everything covered in frost. And more than dead, in one carriage I find undead. They dare to grab me I KILL THEM I KILL THEM DEAD!!! ... and after that, we reclaim some horse flesh for our travels, some of their jewellery (which I'm sure we will give back and not at all keep for the money), and off a frozen statue I now acquire a decent breastplate. Not everything shall be taken by the cold this day.

Seeing tracks leading south, we head that way...


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