Monday, 24 June 2013

Superhero Cartoons are fickle

I did give it a go. And yet... Out recently is Avengers Assemble, clearly cashing in on a certain big blockbuster movie. Although not exactly the same roster of heroes, and jumping in with a collection of the villains (more easy to do that than the movies can). I watched the first two episodes... and nope. They just didn't go anywhere, so that's it, I'm done.

Reaching back a few years, I tried Marvel Super Hero Squad. A whole raft of cast, both heroes and villains. And it's comedy! Ha! Oh dear... again, I tried two episodes, and nope. Comedy is hard, it can bomb very easily. Or perhaps I'm just too old and cynical to ever laugh again. Either way, not the series for me.

Still, better than the recent Teen Titans cartoon. One look at the animation screen grabs, and I'm not even going to try it.

Trying to move onto more positive results, I have been recommended the Batman Animated cartoon, so I've got two series of that to try. (Very cheap too!)

And I did finally go back to check out the Green Lantern cartoon. It definitely goes in a different direction to the comics, but parallels a lot of the events. And became rather watchable. At least, the first half did, haven't gotten the second half.

And in non Marvel nor DC, there is the Monsters vs Aliens cartoon, which continues on from the movie. They've made a fair few changes (such as making Susan able to change her size), introduced more aliens, changed the voice cast... and it is also watchable. And, hey, New Zealand involvement!

So while my patience for cartoons is low... there are some good ones around.


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