Friday, 12 July 2013


What do you do after creating a hit series about a robot boy? Create a parody with a robot cat! This is the second item from the Kickstarter I backed.

Osama Tezuka continues to show off how to do story telling, even when writing about a robot cat who is owned by a whiny kid (seriously, he just whines that Atom Cat shouldn't do anything robotic, but instantly complain if Atom Cat doesn't help - by doing something with his robot powers!). As he is a cat, he does take a fancy to a female feline (although it's not clear just how much of his robot body is fully working as a cat...), which are the more interesting stories than the ones involving the kid.

This is making me interesting is checking out Astro City... but that's a huge amount of comics to delve into... but one that would be worth it!

Next up, the first volume of Triton.


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