Saturday, 13 July 2013

Damn you Steam

Yes, Steam is doing it again. Lots of games, on lots of sales, so there goes lots of monies. Okay, so far I have gotted five games, but I haven't spent more than US$5 on each game. While there are some games I want, I am waiting for them to become extremely cheap. (And the big game I want, Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition with all DLC, won't be around until Christmas likely.) So that will be a thing I pay attention to for a while...

...however, one thing they are doing is (and they have had this running on some level for a while) gamifying it all over the place. Buy games gets you cards, as does doing other things, such as crafting badges... I don't know if 'crafting badges' is different to getting achievements in games or something, but the point is to get cards... and with the cards, you craft the Summer Sale Badge thing... so you are crafting badges to get cards to craft badges... Okay, that isn't the only way to get cards, but it still seems rather circular.

(And one particular badge I was working towards was Pillar of the Community. I had all the requirements except linking my Steam account to a Facebook account... so yeah, that wasn't going to happen any time soon. And now they've added a bunch of extra stuff involving engaging with the community and doing things with cards... and I just can't be bothered. Since I'm not Facebooking, I can't get the badge anyway, so really, what's the point? Which is how I feel about the whole card system anyway.)

Still, I am also getting cards for voting, as long as I am level 5 or more... I didn't even know I had a level! It seems I'm level 6 so... good?

If the ultimate end of all this is vouchers or free games then fine. Otherwise... I'll just get what games I want to play cheap, and that'll do me.



Bert Isla said...

Good stuff! I'm a GOG buyer myself, mostly due to a fondness for older games, but the DRM free thing is a bonus.

Jamas Enright said...

I've got plenty of GOG games too... (some of which I've gotten again on Steam). But I don't mind the Steam DRM too much for what it gives me in online features. (But that is the only DRM I'll allow, screw you Batman Arkham whatever.)

But I have since gone against this and gotten more cards / badges...