Sunday, 21 July 2013

Dispicible Him Again

Remember those minions? Well, this is their second movie! (Oh, and some others are in it too.)

In the first movie, Gru got some girls, so where to go in this movie? Gru in love, of course! There isn't a huge lot of plot, just a set up, and then a final climax fight sort of thing, and the rest of the movie is about Gru having to be a single parent in a world trying to set him up. It's fun enough, but it is thin.

Steve Carell is good as usual, although Kirsten Wig was more channelling Kristen Schaal (who is also in this!). Steve Coogan is also a celebrity voice... and I have to say it took me a while, but I can totally see him in his character now. And I still have trouble associating Russell Brand with his voice.

Short review, but it's a short movie. Fun enough, and doesn't trade too heavily on repeating beats from the first (fortunately, although they reference the unicorn, Agnes never says 'It's so fluffy!'). If you liked the first (and it is enjoyable), then this will fit right in.


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