Monday, 22 July 2013

Not Having The Ball

I've been playing, off and on, the game The Ball. And the main reason for the 'off and on' is... I'm not enjoying it. [Ha! I made the joke in the title before you could!]

The set up is that in the modern days, you are excavating, and fall into an old world underground Aztec type temple. As you do. And there you get a weapony-thing that controls a large ball. And then you complete puzzles in first person using the ball, occasionally fighting enemies by ramming them with the ball.

But it isn't fun. The puzzles are largely straight forward. Find the place to put the ball, or find the switch (or find the switch with the ball). It's almost linear in how they are solved. Just hunt around and you'll solve it, no real reasoning required. And fighting the enemies is also largely straight-forward, and can be easily cheesed (at least, I seem to be cheesing them), just hold the ball in front of you, swing it around, and done. All in all... meh.

And the level design isn't impressive either. The areas look big, but most of the doors are closed, and... and this is the worse part... everything is dark red and brown. Dull and boring looking. And with all the contrasting done with only basically a small colour palette, it also manages to be too busy and confusing. Half the time I don't even see the enemies because it's a grey messy blob moving around on red, brown and grey. Meh.

I might pick away at it some more... but it's more because I brought the game and so want to play it to get my money from it, not because it's actually 'fun' in any way.


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