Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Here we go again

Small tip about current events over here: A lot of earthquakes are centred near Wellington, off in the Cook Strait. First big one hit Friday morning at work... that was a dive for the desk moment. And an instant reach for the geonet website. But that seemed about it bar small aftershocks. And earthquakes aren't that uncommon around here. New Zealand lies on a fault line, so yeah... just ask Christchurch around earthquakes.

Then Sunday morning another strong one. I was lying in bed, and couldn't be bothered to get up. A few notable aftershocks, but nothing major.

Then Sunday evening... boom, there we go! Damage in the CBD and everything! Work shut down for water damage inspection (it's still closed to most of us).

The most annoying part, and others will tell you this, is not knowing if another big one is coming. And I kinda want it to, if it's going to happen. Bring on the big one, let's have it, then we can start moving on. These minorly big ones aren't quite the same. Fortunately, no-one has reported casualties yet (that I am aware of), and it's been quiet... but we've gone Friday to Sunday already, so that doesn't mean much. I keep thinking I've felt another quake, so check the page to see if I'm imaging it or not.

The fun life of an unstable tectonic plate...

At least there's a theme song:


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