Sunday, 14 July 2013


Look, I know Asylum movies are bad for me, but this one apparently got everyone's interest. People get attacked by a tornado... containing sharks!!! Because why not? (I wonder how people in New Orleans liked it?) I wonder if this is their response to Bait?

It's standard Asylum fare. Simple story, bad CGI... really bad CGI (and they were improving at one point). Lots of close up shots of people clearly against a green screen. Shots of stormy weather in wide angle, but clear sky in the close up... and vice versa. Not to mention random shots of flooding and such that are dropped in. And the ladies baring skin, just for you. But these aren't just any sharks, mind you, they can eat an entire person from the feet up in one go... unless you're one of the main cast members, then you just get some blood on your skin and the attention of the medic despite there being people with limbs removed nearby. And you won't believe the big end sequence... seriously, you just will not believe it.

While I am riding it, I did say simple story... and I mean that in a good way. It starts with a stupid premise, but it doesn't get overly complicated from that. In this case, a group of people (bar owner and friends) get their bar destroyed and then set out to get his estranged family safe. And then it's from one set up for shark attacks in an urban area to another.

This is a stupid movie, but by it's own low standards it works. But it ain't doing much for the truth about the endangered nature of sharks...


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