Friday, 16 August 2013

By The Brick!

What's the best way to enjoy a video game? In text form of course! Oh, hang on...

So I've been watching MovieBob for a while, mainly on the Escapist. While mainly talking about movies, he also is heavily in gaming. Particularly going on about Mario and the Tanooki Suit... stemming, in part, from his love for Super Mario Bros. 3.

As part of film crit, people analyse film in great detail in book form. But where is this for games? Mainly, to be honest, in LP form. But this is more than that.

MovieBob goes deep into Super Mario Bros. 3. He details the history of the series, where the game fits in, where it fits into his own life, and talks in depth about the creatures and the items in the game. Then he goes through each and every level and talks about how he plays it.

The interesting aspect of this is his own biographical details and when he talks about the Mario series. Where it is the weakest... is, it has to be said, the actual LP itself. For me, an LP of a video game doesn't work in text form. It doesn't help that I've never played the game, nor even seen it, so the descriptions are lacking for me to picture it. (To avoid copyright issues, there are no images in this... sensible choice considering Nintendo's claims.) However, considering this is a visual medium, there's a reason people make videos.

The digital version is cheap, so why not? [Note: if you grab just the digital version, don't select any location, otherwise it will add postage charges.] But if this becomes a thing (and frankly, in depth analysis of games is interesting), I hope people will sort out image issues.

[Note: I keep typing Maori instead...]


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