Thursday, 15 August 2013

I went on a Journey

Journey was a very popular game, earning extremely high ratings from those that played it. Those, that is, who have a PS3. For the rest of us, no such playing is possible. (The one attempt I did try, I can't controller, so nope.)

There are a number of gimmicks behind this game. No speech, just short and long tones. And it's co-op, with random partners, some of whom may help and others... well, 'random' is the word. For the LP I watched, the person extremely knew what was where, and tried to help the other person, but they weren't interested. (To be fair, seeing someone take off you can't tell if they are after a secret, or because they like leading people astray.)

The story seems to be 'our civilisation died, so throw yourself into a mountain'. Or something. It's not clear. And they seem to be living scarfs, with scarf creatures, so their ecology is decidedly weird. And, for a change, bunny hopping around the place is positively encouraged!

This looks to be one of those games that works better when playing than watching. It looks nice, but it also looks rather mono-coloured. Another one of those 'glad I watched, now I don't have to play' games.


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