Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I don't know if this is standard style Japanese game, but this is a weird mix of RPG and tower ascension. Catherine is an interesting study of love and stupidity. Rather extreme stupidity in that the hero Vincent is just shoved into situations without being given any choice. There is a reason for this, but Vincent's extreme incompetence really makes me not like him and just want to slap him. Are we supposed to root for him, other than because we are playing as him? Definitely not a game for me.

And the tower ascension doesn't help either. The block climb just looks annoying more than fun. Time limit plus 'do one step wrong and you're screwed' style of game play makes this targeted at particular people. Particular people who also want to indulge in character discussion and other RPG elements, is there a lot of those? (I suppose so, considering how popular Persona is.)

And, of course, there are a bajillion endings. Because you need to make people replay these games.

This is the sort of game I'm more than happy to watch an LP of. I have no interest in every playing it, but do want to see what the deal is all about. And now I'm done.


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