Monday, 12 August 2013

Raided All the Tombs!

After... (checks Steam...) 21 hours, I have finally finished Tomb Raider. And it's about as finished as it's going to be. I've collected all the relics, all the documents, done all the challenge quests and raided all the optional tombs... that's a lot of pointless collecting right there. By the time I got into the last few hours, I had all my skills ticked off, and all my gear upgraded to max. Although there is no real need to do that. I'm sure you could speed run it in about a third of the time (okay, while still properly playing more or less. I'm sure there are speed runs that do it in thirty minutes or something due to glitches).

Anyways, the story! Interestingly, when I was watching the credits it took over half the time, with three other companies fully credited, before the Story and Voice Acting credits came up. What's up with that? Yes, graphic design and all that is important, but considering the pimping Rhianna's been doing for the damn game, you'd think her credit would be a little higher placed. Like first or something. But no, that's just the story. Who cares about that when you need to credit your QA Multiplayer team! (One of whom is a James Enright... that's nearly me!)

But I was talking about the story. One element is the supernatural, but at no point do people go 'hey, there's supernatural stuff?'. Nope, just taken as read. Fine, Tomb Raider has had plenty of weird stuff going on, but this is the first time for Lara. But she's on that quicker than (insert appropriate metaphor here). Okay, so I haven't really talked about the story, but this is a game first, so... there's moving around, platforming puzzles and combat. Yep, "action adventure". There are one or two combat arenas that were just punishing, but I dids them. And a few cases where I wasn't sure where I was supposed to be going (I think I skipped a trigger point and had to back into it.) But it was rather straightforward 'follow to this part of the island, kill people, and then get to the next part'. The story/context was decent, but I was more about the next puzzle section / kill place. [Maybe that's why the credit was late?]

So, Tomb Raider... thumbs up! Although I'm not sure I'll ever go back and play it again now that I've completed it all. There are some badges I don't have, some of which are multiplayer so I will never get those, and others of the 'kill x people with weapon y', which, meh. Still, I have grabbed the Final Hours, so that to read/watch, but otherwise will probably now just keep an eye for the next installment.

Huh, I didn't put this in my last entry... so here it is now!


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