Friday, 2 August 2013


Since I never really talked about this movie, I'm going to talk about it now! This is a great documentary that follows five film buffs who are, basically, compulsed to watch films.

We have Jack (who is the most normal of them, although even he states he isn't normal), Bill (who thinks that peanut butter slathered in a thick layer on bread is an adequate sandwich), Harvey (who knows the lengths of all films), Eric (who is willing to watch videos in terrible states), and Roberta (who has some amazing film giveaways). These people don't just go to movies occasionally, they plan out their schedules to fit, at times, up to five movies in a day. As many days as they can. Jack inherited money, Roberta, Eric and Harvey are on disability, and Eric is getting unemployment... and the money is going on movies. Usually older movies (mostly they talk about the black and white era). And we see their homes... which does show off that their compulsion has led them to be rather lacking in other area.

Which is where the character of the movie comes through. Seeing them as film buffs, but also as people with this compulsion getting by in society, and not well. (And I'm not claiming any form of social aggrandisement myself.) Everything they do is centered around going to films, even down to planning what they eat carefully so that going to the toilet doesn't become an issue. This really is a mania for the cinema.

And it's great. This is a documentary that should be watched by everyone. Who watches the film watchers? We do, and it's a great watch.


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