Saturday, 3 August 2013

Equestrian Girls

Yes, I continue to watch pony stuff. And you can too.

Kinda of an odd one-off here, with the basic gimmick being 'what if the ponys were human?' The set up gets out of the way quickly, and then we're off on a typical 'new girl at school' storyline. You can see where it's going early, and there it goes. And, of course, there's a heavy dose of 'friendship is magic' littering the place, especially at the end.

To be honest, the best jokes are ones poking fun at the usual pony way of doing things. 'It's like you've never held a pen before.' Quite. And I hope you like songs because towards the end, they come along at a fast trot (I see what I did there). The human forms are pretty much on point, although the hair is the main point of similarity, but I'm sure the toys will sell well.

And, of course, the main lesson of all this is:  every one loves to wear head bands with ears and fake tails.


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