Sunday, 11 August 2013

Furious Badges

He's a young cop! He's an old cop! Together they are... young and old cops!

Boyfriends of Liu are dying, all with a smile on their faces. Is it Liu? Or is it her older sister Yi Yi? Two detective Wang (Zhang Wen) and Huang (Jet Li) try to find out, with Wang being rather enthusiastic (read: reckless), often needing Huang to actually handle matters properly. But when Wang becomes Liu's latest boyfriend, the killer comes after him...

Yep, another action comedy martial arts movie (what's the genre for this?). Definitely a lot of wire fu, with Jet Li getting the more serious scenes, and Zhang Wen getting more comedy set pieces. Michelle Chen, as Wang's boss, also gets some comedy moments, whereas Shishi Lui and Yan Liu carry more of the dramatic weight of the movie (although Yan Liu definitely gets her own share of wackiness).

Usually these sorts of movies tend to be more grounded in present day, and go more fantastical with stunts in historic times (because they are more magical), but this movie is trending more towards the fantastical with the stunts they are pulling off. The fighting pieces feel far less natural and far more choreographed (which they are anyway), making them more obvious as fighting set pieces. Nice, but...

Decent enough movie (certainly deserves more than the current IMDB rating), but not overly substantial.


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