Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hands of Fate!

Behold what I have wrought! Yes, another Kickstarter project has come to fruition! (Well, it's started to. I've still got a lot of swag to come my way yet.) But there is the movie! The Gamers know what they are doing, and this is their third project. This time, they are taking aim at card games... and treating it with a lot more respect than you'd expect.

The 'real life' part of the storyline... is rather cliched, to be honest. You can predict what is going to happen, and yep, there is happened. The 'fantasy' story line is less straight forward... but happens all too quickly to develop anything truly worthwhile. They've barely got around to saying 'is this real?', before they are off to the final confrontation.

But it's still all good. And you can watch it yourself for free... for about another week or so.

And stick all through the credits just to see my name there!


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