Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Tomorrow Pretties

...GAH! How many times do we have to say: America, stop trying to make British shows! You can't do it! (Okay, maybe, like, three times, but this definitely isn't that.)

First off, these are extremely pretty people. And they are in what I will describe as a soap opera world. Check out that drama! John and Cara(?) kissing! Dr Price (I see what they are referencing there) is the uncle to Stephen! They are super emo in high school! No, no, no!

And their powers! They have particular powers, but they don't have everything. And they can't fight (which they look like they may be keeping, depends on who is doing the kung-fu stuff, one of them or one of the saps? Are they even still called saps?)

And TIM? Where's TIM? Will they even touch on the Galactic Federation?

Still, as along as they avoid certain atrocities, I might be able to put up with it...


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